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Exeter Driving Test Routes Pack 2

Video Guide to Exeter Driving Test Routes from Exeter Test Centre

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Video Guide to Practical Driving Test Routes in Exeter

In this video course, First Drive has recorded some popular driving test routes often used when leaving the Exeter driving test centre.

Each and every test route varies, depending on traffic flow and the preference of the examiner; however, you will find the core route as the focus of the video.

Included are the main hazards and intersections you may be asked to negotiate. We have not included any stops you may be asked to do or any independent driving, but directions and road names are included.

The videos should also give you an idea of the standard of driving you need to have and the variation of roads you may be asked to drive on.


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This course costs £4.00 which provides access for 90 days. We hope this will be enough time for you to learn everything you need from the course. If you reach the end of the 90-day period and require further access, you can simply re-purchase the course when it expires.

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