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Exeter Key Roundabouts

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Video Guide to Exeter Roundabouts for Learner Drivers

This course of 6 tutorial Videos for learner drivers covers key roundabouts in Exeter.

This course will teach you lane accuracy, judgement, dealing with traffic lights, potentially heavy traffic and yellow boxes which can cause plenty of problems.

We show you how to complete the most difficult approaches for each roundabout successfully.

The course includes multiple camera angles, so you’ll see the road ahead, the driver inputs, and around the car, it could not be more comprehensive!


Roundabouts included:

  • Countess Wear
  • Sandygate
  • Devon Hotel
  • Matford
  • Alphington Double Roundabout
  • Marsh Barton


Course Fees:

This course costs £10 which provides access for 90 days. We hope this will be enough time for you to learn everything you need from the course. If you reach the end of the 90 day period and require further access, you can simply re-purchase the course when it expires.

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