Dash camera evidence of bad driving can now be submitted to hold those drivers accountable for their behaviour.

Many police forces including Devon & Cornwall have the facility to accept footage of bad and dangerous driving, named Operation Snap. With the number of vehicles having a dash camera only rising, there is now nowhere to hide bad driving behaviour.


If you have a dash camera in your vehicle and are witness to bad or dangerous driving, you can now submit evidence to your local police force. Times are changing on the road with the common use of dash cameras, catching more bad driving than ever.

There is one main aim of this development of sharing the road – simply to improve driver attitude.


  • Why a good driving attitude is important

Driving is a discipline which is based on individual personalities and behaviours. Without self reflection and regulation it is easy to forget what driving and road sharing is all about. Everyone is just trying to go about their business. If you have a good attitude to driving then you are not as risk of being caught out. Additional work or life pressure can affect the way you feel and react to incidents on the road. Take this into consideration if something does happen to you and try to empathise.


  • Shared goals and common beliefs

With a growing wave of shared goals on the road, the aim of operations such as this to help drivers change their attitudes before it is too late. The rise of video clips being shared on social media is the force behind highlighting driving which all road users find frustrating. How many times do you see a clip and ask ‘what are they doing’?!

Be kind, considerate and plan your journey in advance.


  • There is no need to become a vigilante

These schemes are not designed to replace the police presence on the road. It does not become your responsibility to police the road but gives you a chance to report something that breaks the law. With the volume of cars on the road only increasing, the police cannot be everywhere to catch every road crime.

The offences that police are most interested in are dangerous driving, driving without due care and attention, careless driving and driving whist distracted eg mobile phone.


Where to find out more.

You can find out more information about this scheme by visiting the Devon & Cornwall Police website, click here. 

There are also a growing number of driving instructors who review footage you send them and offer advice on the particular situation. You may find watching some tutorials helpful and identify similarities to situations you’ve been in. Click here to see more.

First Drive Southwest courses.

You can develop your own driving skills by taking further training. First Drive Southwest offer training in advanced driving or refresher training, click here to find out more and give us a call.