Good instructor, good driving instructor – right?

Let’s take a look at what First Drive South West thinks it takes to deliver good training

You may be looking for a driving instructor for…

  • learner drivers
  • driving instructor training to help you become fully qualified
  • trailer towing
  • advanced driving instruction

What criteria should you look for?

For learner drivers, you may choose someone in the Exeter area based on a few things

  • price
  • availability
  • type of car
  • qualified grade
  • recommendation

Price and availability might be the main factors in choosing an instructor but here holds an opportunity to ensure you have made the right choice.

Are they cheap or expensive? Why are they in the price bracket they fit into? Is your area particularly competitive?

If an instructor is immediately available is there a reason for this? Are they just starting out or new to the area?

Very few will be aware of the grading system given to driving instructors issued by the DVSA. An instructor can either be grade A or B. Grade B instructors are not bad instructors in the same way grade A instructors might not be brilliant instructors.

As a prospective student from Exeter looking for a driving instructor, here at FDSW we think you need to be shown certain roads. Fast roads, rural roads, city driving and country lanes. Exeter and East Devon have all of these types available and we use them! The purpose of this is so you feel confident and comfortable driving these roads when you pass your test.

There is also a test to pass and like with any test you must prepare. Our instructors will help with practice and understanding so you can take the test and pass.

The Trainer

The trainer in the car must have certain qualities

  • friendly
  • explains new things well using multiple methods
  • professional
  • kind and understanding
  • punctual
  • patient

DO NOT choose an instructor if they tell you these things

  • quick training methods to pass quickly – it doesn’t exist as everyone is different and experience on the road is worth its weight in gold
  • train you to pass a test at a certain time – what training are they not giving you?

Do not choose someone who shouts or is rude. If you experience this during a lesson then this is not normal and do not stay with this company. There is another way!

With regard to the national companies out there the advice is to also speak to a local company or independent instructor too. Build a picture of who you are talking to so you get what is right for you.

First Drive believe in training to be safe on the road forever as well as training to pass the test.

Become DVSA qualified

In order to deliver quality lessons as an instructor, you must have quality training yourself. We at FDSW believe we can train you to become a fully rounded informed trainer to give real value in the lessons you deliver. Through our genuine on road and customer experience, we have combined 10 years of all types of teaching. Get a personalised service to achieve personal success

Looking for a good instructor for training in Exeter?

Contact our Exeter based driving instructor Will Stewart for more information.