To be able to perform to a high standard whilst driving requires skill and concentration. High quality driving is difficult.

Like the very best athletes it is the ability to repeat the action precisely that sets the best from the rest.


This weekend saw young tennis star Emma Raducanu win the US Open to become the youngest ever Briton to win a Major Final. A brilliant performance not just in the match but throughout the entire tournament. In our industry of trying to produce and train high quality driving got me thinking. 


In the build up to the game one of the commentators said that


‘what makes the best players is their ability to do repetition.’


I loved that phrase. Ability to perform a skill consistently is one of the key aspects of setting standards and high performance for high quality driving. 


When driving and dealing with hazards the way to deal with them safely is consistent use of the hazard routine






 A journey from A to B can take you past countless potential and active dangers.  The repetition of the hazard routine ensuring you are always in the correct position, at the correct speed and gear, making sure prior you’re aware of surroundings and told other road users what you’re doing if appropriate, means very little is left to chance.

We can’t deal with risk with our fingers crossed, trust your training and repeat repeat repeat each time.

For Emma waking up today with the US Open trophy must be an amazing dream come true. But guarantee next training session she will be back, practising and perfecting technique. Congratulations Emma and hope for more repetition in your successes! 

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