The Honest Truth road safety charity has announced it intends to begin winding up unless new partners can be found.

Beginning in 2009 in Devon, The Honest Truth grew to be a national road safety charity delivering important messages and offering perspective to new and young road users.

In a recent meeting of the board a decision to wind up the road safety charity has been taken. In 2015 following budget cuts the project was protected with charity status meaning the campaigning and educational work could continue.

In a recent statement it was announced that this will no longer continue unless a suitable path forward can be found.

The charity has delivered many presentations through the years that have left a lasting memory of those that took part. The message being delivered is all too easy to forget once out on the road and so it would be fantastic to see it continue.

Through the charity it is possible to find driving instructors, donate to the ongoing causes, gather information as a new driver and as a parent of a new driver find out the important information.

Follow the link to their website to keep up to date with their current projects and the development of the current situation

Follow this link to their introductory Youtube video

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