Ever wondered which UK region is home to the best drivers? Dayinsure.com has been finding out.

If you are a driver that travels the country frequently, you may have noticed different habits and styles from that of your home region. FDSW was contacted to give our opinion for the Southwest.

Delivering lessons and training across the region means we spend a lot of time on the road and cover a lot of miles.

In general we feel in the Southwest that our drivers are driving to a good standard. The politeness and courtesy of drivers in our region was the stand out feature but of course this might not be true if you just drive during rush hour.

The survey asked a series of questions of drivers to sample the overall standard.  In the Southwest we have had to develop a wide range of key skills because our region is covered by every type of road. From country lanes all the way to the M5 motorway. We have long straight roads and tight and twisty roads.

When training students or instructors, we use this breadth of road style to our advantage and develop our trainees to feel confident wherever they drive. Exeter in particular is what we consider one of the best proving grounds around with access to all these types of road in a small area.

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