Exeter driving test route videos for you to watch, follow directions and help prepare you for your practical test.

First Drive have filmed some of the common Exeter driving test routes and you can now have full access.

On our website we have developed an online video classroom to help you boost your learning and top up your lessons around Exeter. Included in the courses available are some of the more common Exeter driving test routes used from the Exeter test centre. By watching the videos you can help yourself prepare for your test by knowing some of the places you may be asked to drive. It can also give you an idea of the standard you need to be able to drive at and make sure you are ready to pass.

Types of video courses available.

We currently offer video courses on the key roundabouts of Exeter, all dual carriageway sections, turning right at traffic lights and more. The addition of the Exeter driving test routes compliments the other video courses we offer.

  • Dual carriageway video course
  • Key roundabouts of Exeter
  • Turning right at junctions & traffic lights
  • Parallel parking
  • Common test routes you may be asked to drive on


Boost you lessons, gain extra knowledge

Driving around Exeter to pass your driving test can be really challenging. Whether you’re already taking lessons or learning by private practice, these videos can help boost your knowledge and learning which you are able then to put into practice. Using the play:pause function you are able to watch and rewatch key sections of each video. Following each section there will be a quiz to help consolidate what you would have just watched.

Exeter Driving Test Routes 2022

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To find the Exeter test centre, use the .Gov site by clicking here.