Video training courses for learner drivers

We’ve made it even easier to learn to drive in the Exeter Area.
Our ‘learn to drive videos’ are filmed with the First Drive South West instructors at the wheel, include commentary, helpful graphics and cover the most common areas visited during driving tests in Exeter.

New Video Training Courses

Our highly informative, in-depth video training courses are perfect driving tutorials for some of the most challenging junctions and roundabouts in Exeter.

The First Drive south West driving instructors take you clearly and concisely through each driving scenario. Our cameras capture views of the road ahead, the driver, the road conditions and traffic around the vehicle.

Our ‘learn to drive videos’ can help you to clearly see what’s happening and how to respond to each individual driving scenario.

A perfect revision guide for driving lessons and driving tests.

Watch the video, come back as many times as you like and take a quiz to sharpen your skills even further.

See what you get with this FREE Sample Video

Leaving the Exeter Driving Test Centre

Below is a sample of one of our course videos. Each video includes multiple views of the road, as well as on-screen prompts to help you think in advance and know how to deal with the road ahead.


Exeter Key Roundabouts

Our Roundabout course – the comprehensive guide to difficult roundabouts in Exeter.

Video Guide to Exeter Roundabouts for Learner Drivers

This course of 6 tutorial Videos designed specifically for learner drivers, covers key roundabouts in Exeter.

These videos will teach you lane accuracy, judgement, dealing with traffic lights, potentially heavy traffic and yellow boxes which can cause plenty of problems.

Our Instructors show you how to successfully complete the most difficult approaches for each roundabout.

The course includes multiple camera angles, so you’ll see the road ahead, the driver inputs, and around the car, it could not be more comprehensive!

Roundabouts included:

  • Countess Wear
  • Sandygate
  • Devon Hotel
  • Matford
  • Alphington Double Roundabout
  • Marsh Barton

Mastering Slip Roads and Dual Carriageways

Our Dual Carriageways course – a comprehensive guide to the entire process of driving on dual carriageways, from entry to exit.

Mastering Dual Carriageways Video Training Course

This course takes you through joining, using and exiting a dual carriageway.

We provide annotated videos of each scenario, with multiple examples from both rear and forward-facing cameras. This gives you the best insight into improving your driving on these faster roads.

This course is designed to help those learner drivers who may have had some experience with dual carriageways but also those who are experienced or approaching their test. 

Lessons included:

  • Joining a Dual Carriageway
  • Short Entry Slip Roads
  • Long Entry Slip Roads
  • Anticipation & Planning
  • Exit from a Dual Carriageway

Turning Right at Junctions & Traffic Lights

This FREE course takes a detailed look at turning right at junctions and at box junctions with traffic lights.

Turning Right at Junctions & Traffic Lights FREE!

This course takes a detailed look at turning right junctions and at box junctions with traffic lights. The DVSA published information about the most common reasons people fail the driving test. (which can be found here

In this top 10 list, two areas directly relate to turning right at traffic lights;

  1. Incorrect positioning when turning right
  2. Not responding appropriately to traffic lights

This course aims to cover in detail these areas as well as the other key elements for this situation.

With cameras showing the road ahead and others giving a view of the inputs of the driver, we’ll guide you through this topic step by step so you’ll keep safe when negotiating to turn right and use box junctions.

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