Are you currently learning to drive in and around Exeter? Planning on taking your test at the Exeter test centre? Our video courses could really make a difference to you!


First Drive Southwest have created an online classroom with courses covering the key roundabouts of Exeter, how to join and exit a dual carriageway, as well as helping you once you have joined.



Click here to go to our online courses!



  • A step by step guide, with annotated videos, multi camera angles, to help you gain confidence in every aspect of driving on a dual carriageway.

  • We cover the key roundabouts of Exeter that you could drive on your  test. We show you how to approach, the road signs to look for and which lane you need. We provide you with information that you can also transfer to any roundabout in the future.

  • Our video training page is easy to navigate and comes with a sample video to show you the style and detail you can expect from our courses.

Each video course will be followed by a quiz. This will help reinforce the learning which you can then transfer to the road. The aim of these online courses is to give you an extra boost alongside the practical driving you do either with your instructor or accompanying driver.



  • Check out this sample video which is available to give you an insight into the detail we cover. This video shows how to leave the test centre at Exeter and help you in the first moments of your test.