Private practice driving when learning is a huge benefit alongside driving lessons with your instructor. Have a look at these top 10 tips to make sure you’re heading in the right direction.

The DVSA recommends a minimum 22 hours of additional private practice driving when learning before taking a driving test. Private practice can have a positive impact on confidence and boost skills which you can then rely on when taking your driving test.

It is important to consider these things before setting out on the road


Make sure the car is road legal and safe with good tyres and no faults


Make sure the learner driver is added to the insurance policy


The supervising driver must not use their mobile phone or be over the drink drive limit


The supervising driver must be over the age of 21 and have had their licence for three or more years

Private Practice Driving – Top 10 Tips

  1. Always read and refer to the Highway Code. This is the bedrock of using the road and is a great reference when encountering a difficult or new situation.
  2. Don’t set your target too high. If there is a difficult or dangerous piece of road near you then only tackle it when you have good experience and feel ready. Walk before you run!
  3. Allow extra time for journeys if there is a time deadline to keep. This will take the pressure off and allow you to focus.
  4. Vary the route and roads you practice on to help you transfer skills you already have to new sections of road.
  5. Ensure the supervising driver gives instructions in plenty of time. You need time to plan the course of action you are going to take.
  6. If you are still fairly new to driving you may need help from the supervising driver to plan a hazard. This is absolutely fine and don’t be afraid to take instruction, its how we learn! Make sure the supervising driver knows this too!
  7. This next tip is easier said than done…..KEEP CALM!
  8. Research the driving test, know what your aiming for with your driving to get to the required standard.
  9. Driving techniques have improved and developed a lot even in the last 20 years. Make sure your supervising driver isn’t trying to get you to double declutch for example!
  10. As well as the private practice, speak with your driving instructor. They will know your needs and will be able to assist you in getting the right practice.

Here at First Drive all instructors are Diploma holders with Rospa. Have a look at their website for advice also by following this link – Guide to private practice driving from Rospa

For full tuition driving lessons please see our learn to drive page for further details.