First Drive are putting together a list of 5 recommended driving instructors in Exeter.

Driving lessons are in high demand and we want to help you get the right instructor not just the first available. Here we help you choose the best recommended driving instructors in Exeter.

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If you are looking for high quality driving instructors, First Drive have recommend driving instructors in Exeter to help guide you through to your first lesson. Sometimes with so many to choose from it can be difficult to know where to begin.

You first need to know;

  • Do you want to learn in a manual or automatic?
  • Does the instructor cover the area you live in?

Automatic or manual?

Choosing between automatic and manual used to be an easy choice. Now there are so many automatic cars available that it really does not matter. Potentially an advantage of learning in an auto is you can pass in a lot less time than a manual.

Choosing the right Exeter driving instructor.

Choosing an instructor in a city the size of Exeter can be tricky. In smaller towns you may have less choice. This is why we feel it important to consolidate the information available. The most common review sites are Google reviews and Google Maps but not all review sites are accurate.

To help you decide, you may wish to look at what other forms of training the instructor provides. Do they train other instructors or offer advanced lessons? This can help you narrow your choice and vet the instructors you don’t want to contact. You can then make contact and ask the instructor a little about how their lessons are structured.

Key questions to ask the instructor.

  • How long each of their lessons are
  • Drop off and collection arrangements
  • Payment process
  • Cost
  • Additional theory help or learning resources

Recommended driving instructors in Exeter

Karl King – King Driver Training

King Driver training offer lesson in and around Exeter and East Devon. This is what they say on their website about learning to drive with them.

‘Learning to drive opens so many doors but let’s face it, it’s costly. But remember – you’re paying to learn a skill for life, and a dangerous one at that! It’s important to do it well.”

Matt King – Matthew King School of Motoring

Matt offers driving lessons around the Exeter area and this is what he says on his website.

“My aim is that you not only pass your driving test first time, but I am also committed to developing in my students high levels of driving skill and competency to ensure you many years of safe driving.”

Gabi Humphries – Driving Dynamix

Gabi is a former DVSA examiner and offers driving lessons in and around Exeter.

“A family-run, owner-operated, driver training company. Based in Exeter and established by former DVSA driving examiner, Gabi Humphries, our insights into the UK driving test makes us best placed to get you through your driving test first time!”

Pennie Hughs – Trident Driver Training

Trident offer lessons in and around Exeter as well as the surrounding areas.

“We tailor lessons to suit your concentration span, learning style, skill level and budget; we invest in our own skills to make sure you get value for money training.”


All the information provided is taken from individual websites. Each instructor or driving school have their own terms and conditions and its important to check these when booking your lessons.

Once you’re on the waiting list.

Having found the right instructor for you, there may be a wait until you can begin your first driving lesson. There are some things you can do to help yourself prepare for this.

  • Reading the Highway Code. This takes only about 25 minutes cover to cover and includes all the information you may be asked in the theory test. Knowing your Highway Code well could save you on average up to 10 minuets a lesson recapping rules of the road.
  • Book your theory. Use the website to book your theory test at your local test centre. You cannot book your practical until you have passed your theory test.
  • Practice pulling away and stopping. If you have the opportunity to legally practice pulling the car away and stopping with a supervising driver, this can be a real advantage in your first lesson. As your lessons progress, be guided by your instructor as to the best private practice you can do. Check out our blog on the best private practice tips here.


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